01 August 2011

Cancer Scientist Dennis Wright (Applied Molecular Biologist, Biochemist, Chemical Engineer)

Most if not all of us have had at least one member of our immediate or extended family struck down by the insidious disease known as cancer.  We have been accustomed to organizations raising funds to promote cancer research but we have been similarly accustomed to never hearing that a cure has been discovered.  Cancer treatments to date all seem to follow one of three traditional courses; surgery to cut the tumor out, radiation to attempt to burn it into submission, or chemotherapy to poison the offending cells.  Recently, there has been some scientific/medical discussion about more targeted therapies and about drugs that may hold off the rapidly regeneration of cancer cells to extend one's life expectancy.

Mr. Wright has been intellectualizing his thoughts and concepts for a new cancer cure for over 5 years.  He took those thoughts into his lab over 3 years ago and invented a completely new class of alpha amino acids.  The resulting compound was successfully tested in Wright's lab against brain cancer cell lines, causing an apoptotic cascade (essentially causing the cancer cells to commit suicide).  Thereafter he did dosing experiments on mice and found that doses thousands of times higher than those used to stop the cancer cells, were still not toxic to mice.